INFINITE STUPIDITY™ 2013: WoW Collection by Electin
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Twisting Nether ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary

This movie is not a guide, nor a wanna-be-best, this movie is very pure result of the stupidity which is presented by most of the World of Warcraft players whom do believe that iLvL or Achivments means anything, especially in times where 80% or more players completelly lack either gems, proper enchants, reforge, skill, knowledge, effort, reliability, mental competence or combination of any above.

You might also be OMG, this is so long & you are right, pacing is quiet slow, but it has a good reason: to make you think ( if such is even possible ) .. If you are unhappy with current situation of the World of Warcraft, then I recommend you to watch all of it. It might make sence in the end, especially after you sleep, since there is lot of subliminar messaging involved.

Purpouse of this movie is NOT to entertain you & if you feel offended by any material in it, then do not blame me & instead try to think about your self first and if you do not like what you see, than it might be about time to change your behaviour & start to act and think as a HUMAN, the most intelligent species on planet earth.

All the editing was done by me, sadly I have lost over 70 gigabytes of my work & I am paying lot of money to recover it, but I am not sure if I will be able to, it is really long process, hence you will see some bugs here and there.

Song List ( you will be million times cooler person if you buy their albums, just google it )
1:57 Heavy Melody - End Scan
3:41 Position Music - Stand And Become Legendary
5:10 Phantom Power Music - Double Agent
6:39 Axel Rosenberg - Into The Wild
8:34 Icon Trailer Music - Sacred Worlds Restored
11:01 Epic Score - We Fought Them All
12:42 KPM Music - Search for Freedom
15:04 Two Steps from Hell - Dim The Lights
26:26 DeVso MUSIC - Rise
29:28 Two Steps From Hell - BlackHeart
33:28 Thomas Bergersen - Sonera
38:54 SONIC LIBRARIAN MUSIC - Freedom For The Fallen
40:27 Ryo Ishido - Nemesis III
43:35 Music Junkies - Sword Of Damocles
45:27 Pfeifer Frankfort Music - Fuzeball
47:41 Mervin Mathew - Battle Begins
50:10 Heavy Melody Music - Battle Triumph's Echo
51:45 Audio Machine - Knights And Lords
52:51 Martin Hasseldam - Gods Of Protection
55:07 8Dawn Music - Jamais Vu
55:59 Cinetrax - Edge Of Fear
56:55 Audiomachine - Charging the Keep
57:54 Critical Mass - Prophecy Of Divine Judgement
59:31 Q-Factory Music- Monstronix
01:01:11 Les Friction - Firewall
01:04:46 Les Friction - World On Fire
01:08:27 Tom Player & Nick Smith - Blade Of Blood
01:11:03 Xtortion Audio - Untouchable
01:13:53 Twin Scoring Studio - Cyb3rn3tica
01:14:55 Brand X Music - Decimate
01:16:56 Epic Score - Make Your Own Fate
01:19:36 Pusher Music - Prelude
01:21:38 Massive Noise Machine - No Fly Zone
01:24:35 Mark Petrie - Richat (Epic Dramatic Action)
01:26:37 Sencit Music - Devil Amongst Us
01:29:01 Sencit Music- Gloves Off
01:31:21 Medal Of Honor Warfighter - Dark Theme
01:35:43 David Edwards - Insurrection

Post Scriptum:

Last few months I have been travelling from guild to guild, realm to realm, I have sacrificed any hardcore progress for this video, because I believe that the World of Warcraft community needs to wake up. It would be nice of you that you share this as much as possible.

Currently I have started a new guild & we will go hardcore & make the way all way up the ladder, or at least top 5 ASAP.

Facebook, Twitter, Live Streams, PvP, SoO & lot more among with our website should be up within few days, keep poking this video, description will be updated soon.

Stay intelligent & do not let gear, recount or achivments ruin your human brain,

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