HEYAZ 15x Multibox vs Blood Legion Warlocks from Hell + Iapeto by Heyaz
Class: Multiple | Category: Multiboxing | Server : US - Illidan ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
[Zariis + Emberleaf (Brighleaf) + Iapeto] vs. [HEYAZ 15x Multiboxer]

You guys are amazing. All love, no hate. Your strategy > mine. Xariis/Brightleaf are btag friends and were in stream, btw :)

Almost 5.3 Demo all over again... ALMOST. Not quite demo 5 sec wipe but, whoa destro + that "Iapeto" class dunno what it is but it hurts.

Yes, I wipe. A lot. And not to just "the entire world pvp population + 3 boxers"... no, to just these guys. :)
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