Heyaz+Shake v.. Prepared 66x Multiboxer - RUN AWAY LITTLE GIRL! by Heyaz
Class: Multiple | Category: Multiboxing | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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** Live Stream - http://twitch.tv/heyaz/ **

Heyaz (partial team of 10x) + Shake (10x) catch Prepared's 66x Multibox team in front of the Shrine. Warning: Lag, Phasing, overall painful fight - but this is to make a point, since the solo alliance of Darkspear have given up.

Apparently 66x toons just doesn't cut it, - he hearthed out to avoid the wipe. Lame ass move, and just proof of how weak he is.


I don't record or publish a lot of videos of us fighting this 66x clusterf*ck because they're laggy, painful, and not that fun, but the point is just to show, to anyone who's been locked out of the PVP Vendor, AH, or Shrine for hours by this guy, how ridiculously vulnerable his team is if you just land on top of him and go to town.

After this I likely won't be publishing many more, if any, videos of this kind of thing - I get plenty of action on Illidan fighting against Horde solo players (many at a time) without lag or server crashes, and I do PVE content as well. If this sorta video isn't your thing, rest assured this is not what my channel is not all about and I recommend you check out my other videos :)


- Props to ShakeBoxing for the help, although due to the lag and phasing you can't see him and the appears to be out of range on my unit frames... he's there, actually behind my warrior. I died because my DKs were in front, but a suicide run was expected.

- This is just what happens when you engage a 66x multiboxer, when in a big (or threatening, more like) fight like this, it's not his usual 1-9 aoe rotation, it's banging the crap out of his keyboard to the point where the server slows to a crawl and sometimes crashes.


** Again this isn't going to be the theme of my channel here and I recommend you check out my other videos or live stream - I just wanted to put a few of these up to show how this lagmonster destroys the server and also that he's very easily defeated. **

Thanks for watching!
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