BWL - Who Needs Dragons Anyways by BaronSoosdon
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Twilight's Hammer ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary
On 21th of November 2006, The Beastro & Beyond Oblivion finally downed Nefarian thus clearing BWL.

This movie might not be anything new or spectacular, it's meant to be entertainment :)

Please get the downloadable version if possible, since BWL is full of red color tones --> even shittier quality on stream.

The soundtrack is listed at the end credits.

Update 16.2.2007

Since I was not satisfied with this movie content & qualitywise, I decided to re-film & re-edit a completely new BWL movie experience. You can view the newer and better movie by clicking this link.


I'd like to give a big /cheer towards one of the best BWL movie up to date (IMO), the one that got me started making WoW movies: Rite Of Passage by AFGM..
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