Foredoomed Chapter VI by Foredoomed
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Destromath ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
[BC] Affliction PvP/elements of a Storyline

+long intro (if you do not like watching long intros simply fast forward to 2min50sec)
+elements of a storyline
+only Outdoor PvP, no Battlegrounds at all, one Arena fight (2v2)
+mostly 1vsX, few 1v1
+close fights, no ganking of clueless people wearing green equipment
+different music
+no Seduce/Nuke Repeat, Felhunter mainly used
+outtakes shown in the very end
+improved FPS..

-...but sometimes still laggy :(
-amateur editing
-sct seems to be disturbing
-some mistakes, I did not include the scenes in which made the least mistakes but rather those who turned out to be the closest and toughest in the end

further information:
-detailed Talents and Equipment:
-Gems used:
+6x (Set)
+2x +6 Stamina (Feet)
+ Meta Gem (Head):
+ShardTracker Classic
+Titan Panel
+XPerl Party Frame
-detailed music list included (watch the outro!)
-this movie contains trinket and potion usage (I am alchemist)
-please download the movie, because the quality is so much better

Any constructive criticism is appreciated..
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