Foredoomed presents: Lyllith (Ret 3v3 & Duels) by Foredoomed
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Destromath ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
This movie consists of two Chapters: 3v3 Arena PvP (Lineup: MS Warrior/Ret Paladin/Resto Shaman) and Duels against skilled and geared opponents.

Since I got a new PC at last, I was really looking forward to make a new movie. I'm not playing warlock at the moment, so you will have to deal with my dear paladin Lyllith.

No World PvP because:
-Itís dead
-Nobody wants to see me in full S3 Gear 2 hitting farming people in green gear
-any 1v2 against a healer is pointless due to lack of CC or CS against properly geared people
-Itís dead


-Arena 3v3 @ 2000+ Rank 150~ (MS War/Ret Pala (05/07/49)/Resto Sham)
-Dueling against excellent PvPers
-30 FPS
-3 minute Intro, if you do not like watching Intros, simply start at 03:00
-Outro & Outtakes
-you need to understand German in order to understand the little Interlude
-very close and intense fights
-world's largest battlegroup "Blutdurst"
-cleaned up UI
-alternative music, gothic/epic metal/folk, no american pop rock (list included)
-solid editing

There are mistakes, I did not necessarily include the footage in which I, my team mates or opponents made the least mistakes but rather those who turned out to be the closest and toughest in the end and therefore are more exciting and entertaining to watch.

Regarding mirrors: please download from Filefront or Rapidshare (Rapidshare is much faster, simply reconnect in order to avoid queue times when downloading the five-part-split-archive, extract with WinRAR), preview Stream is Filefront.

Constructive criticism is as always appreciated.

Lastly, I want to thank a dear friend, Toma, who I forgot to mention in the outro.

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