Bizzlesnaff 2 - Beginning of the End, Human Rogue PvP by Bizzlesnaff
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*Live stream qualities eat up the quality of both video and sound!* and yes, its a typo. Beginning. Theres no changing titles here though ;)

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Well, after a year long break thanks to the US Army, here I am, to give you Bizzlesnaff 2 - "dead" "hard body" "Secret of the Ooze" whatever you want to call it...Beginning of the end, is what it IS.

I wanted to make a video where if you skipped around you could still enjoy it. One part may not match for one person, but maybe another part does. After seeing so many of these long drawn out videos, with slow repetitive action, I wanted to make something new. Its hard in a time when rogues are on the down, and video numbers are on the rise (as well as quality, but that’s always nice!) to make something unique. And if you do make something "unique" theres no saying that it will be any good. The hundreds of rogue videos that flow through this site on a monthly basis are evidence of that. The editing is exaggerated in this video, the crits - meager compared to POM pyros and MS warriors sure, but sh!t, its all rogues got.

This video isn't designed to show what rogues can do, or how to play them. There are some gripes, by me sure,
ex. how world PvP is dwindling, while the arenas make the rich-richer, and the poor-poorer (more poor for you proper folk) in each patch. Or how flying mounts/forms allow easy escape routes, instead of the chases that use to take place in familiar locales, like BRM, or Winterspring. WoW still has some charm left in it though, and rogues, even with resilience eating away at our damage, are still capable of many things other classes are not.
Naked combat, and mutilate are still possible through cooldown spamming. Hell, even 0/ 0 / 0 spec can take down people from time to time. Not many other classes can do it as well (not that theres too much of a reason to, but at least it can be done!) as a rogue. With the music just as the first, I tried to break away from the trend. It's not always fun to do - because it seems like to succeed as a video you have to follow some kind of cookie cutter pattern, as overplayed as a Mutilate rogues talent points; but none the less I'd rather have the music that reflected me, over music that gets play. It's a little harder, because so many people abuse hip hop or rap music in their videos, and use it in ways that just make me shake my head in embarrassment. Over editing, different music, and all, I hope everyone can still find something they can take away from this movie.

Quickly, I'd also like to say I appreciate all the tells and support I received. A year after the first video, people still logged on from time to time, to send a tell asking when number 2 was coming out, or when it would be here.

I hope that I was able to create something fun to watch. I tried to keep it strictly world PvP, but as I said before, its getting harder and harder sometimes. Remember; this isn't some one two step guide to how to kill this class or that. It's strictly made for enjoyment. Its a wide range of music, editing, and rogue shenanigans designed to entertain. I have no idea if this shit will get recommended, go gold, go platinum, triple uranium, or whatever, but hopefully someone out there can enjoy this.

Lastly, anyone who has critiques, questions, comments, and want to reach me personally - I'm in and out as deployment comes closer, but if I'm around, I'd be more than happy to talk to someone who took the time to actually watch something I made. Drop me a tell on Stonemaul, or a mail, and I'll hit you back.

Thanks again.

note : PvP starts at approx 4min it whole, in half, however you want, but if you are rating the video, please be fair, and grade a quality version, in its entirety. ;)

Track List:
Batman Begins- Antrozous
Outkast- Bombs over Baghdad
The Ventures- Miserlou
Rick Ross- Hustlin'
Xzibit- Hey Now
Ghostface Killah - The Champ
M.O.P. - Ante' Up

My UI:

Bongos v2
CT Frames

all can be found courtesy of


Other Works:
Ready To Die - Bizzlesnaff PvP 1 (RIP Stealthistic)
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