Dark Tides - Episode II by Farinar Productions
Class: Multiple | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Aszune ( Blackout )
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Movie Summary

First let me start saying: This is my first movie filmed with registered fraps and edited in Sony Vegas, and now I see what it does to the editing. So if the editing isn't that smooth, it's because I'm new to this program :-)

All was filmed on live servers, only some small bits are made with Modelviewer. In the future, I'm hoping to include more Modelviewer scenes to my movies.

This was the second of a three chapter long story-line, taking place after the battle against Arthas, where the Scourge were defeated for good. In number one we met Justin, a paladin, who had just discovered that the artifact, the Scythe of Elune has returned, and want to stop it. However, noone wants to help him, except his old gnome friend, Gobian. Together they are now on their way back to Duskwood, to meet up with an old pal of Gobian's - the warlock Codan.
This chapter also introduces some of the bad guys - the dark riders of Deadwind.

I have great plans for chapter three, but first I want to practise my skills in Vegas and editing. Now, I'm planning to do a comedy, getting filmed on Magtheridon EU, but of course, nothing is sure :-)

I hope you'll enjoy, and give positive feedback, to what I can change and improve, and what you think is good about the movie. :)

Thank you
- Farinar

Edit: The recordings for the chapter 3 has begun.. Check my website for details.. TRAILER OUT SOON!
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