A Big, Bad, Green Xmas! by Sazabi
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Welcome to my own entry for the "Christmas Spirit" contest!

This time the orc hunter Sazabi and his loyal companion Kitty (a.k.a. Giocowarlock) are planning their revenge on Santa Claus, guilty of years and years of coal deliveries. Our orc is obstinated in..."persuading" the old man that, this year, he has been a good orc and, therefore, that he deserves his sought new melee weapon.
But, due to unforeseen circumstances, and due to the epic fail of goblin engineering, the plan is completely spoilt and Sazabi will be involved in a quite complicated situation...

A few more words. The story is half-inspired by real events. So don't dare laughing at me for my PvE melee weapon: thousands of KZ runs and never saw dropping a Legacy...while i was in raid, ofc :|

About the movie itself: let's say that it is my first serious attempt at machinima...I even tried to play with external apps, such as Particle Illusion 3.0, to spice up the movie, and used a few more tricks in composing animations.

Guess that's all for now! Hope you enjoy the movie, see you for the next video!

PS: Perhaps many of you are asking themselves: "But who the heck are this Sazabi and this Giocowhatever?!?". They are the main character of my previous movie, of course! "Releasing the Beast: an Orc Hunter's Tales, a hunter RP/PvP movie! Check it out if you want to have a laugh!


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