Releasing The Beast: an Orc Hunter's Tales by Sazabi
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Hakkar ( Ruin )
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This movie is not intended to be in any way a showcase of skills. Let's say that it's more of a display of editing and comedy, PvP is just a mere excuse to introduce them in the movie. If you are looking for a godlike playstyle, well, no cookies for you here!

- Warlocks with little or no sense of humour
- People who are looking for a pro hunter PvP movie

"Oh my god, not yet another BM-cooldown popper-hunter movie! We're sick of them!!"
Well, rejoice, this isn�t *really* a PvP video, at least not in the proper sense of the term. This movie is a mix of experimental video editing, comedy, machinima, humour, and eventually PvP. So, if you are looking for a pro hunter movie (something that personally I'm missing very much), you just opened the wrong page, whoops, sorry! Just to clarify things, in this movie you won't find uberleet skills, but the result of a 3 months-long work and the application of my ...personal philosophy about PvP videos :)
It�s quite boring to watch endless and dull sequences of PvP with little or no editing at all: what I wanted to do in this movie is to give the audience an enjoyable product. In each possible meaning of the word. So here are cutscenes about the warlock overpower, about the orcish shoulders bug (sighs), but even 1v2, 1v3 PvP clips that, even against noob/undergeared players, are still enjoyable...and a quite innovative editing style...but I won't spoil anymore, just a couple more of comments and we are done, okay? Pleeeease!

Cut scenes and editing.

Okay, I might not be a supreme machinima author, but I tried to put my best efforts in the realization of the cutscenes that you are going to watch! I had no external help while editing. The plot, the script, the dialogues and the technical realization come from only one person: me, myself :E. Not much to say here, just an explanation of what you are going to watch in the first frames of the intro: you will see a photo, and a hung rifle. Well the photo portraits my character with my former pet, a Zul�Gurub bat that I had to abandon for new companions�and his rests in an urn. The rifle, that some of you might recognize, is a Dwarven Hand Cannon, the weapon I held for about an year before getting my MC epic bow.
In line with my philosophy, I tried to make the PvP clips as much colourful and enjoyable as possible�I won�t spoil now the particular type of editing that I�m bringing to you with this movie, I�ll just tell you that you might want to watch a particular sequence some extra times to catch unnoticed particulars� :)

PvP, equip and spec

Now, the fact that I�m not a pro should be clear�and should be even more clear by checking the rating of my arena teams :|�I tried anyway to put together enjoyable scenes (mainly 1vX clips) taken almost only from BG. Some of you might not like my choice, but I didn't want to get a nervous know looking for suitable outdoor targets it is very frustrating...maybe the next time ;)
Oh the spec! As I already pointed, my char is full BM specced�if you think that Beastmastery is noobish, overused, and that everybody who uses that spec is a complete dumbass, not only you should try it, but you should have closed this page long ago ^_^. During the first two PvP sequences I use a 41/20/0, a raidish spec with points in MM, based on extra damage from my shots�the last sequence was frapsed with a 41/0/20, a spec based on extra survivability, the talent tree is also shown in the video (more HP, entrapment, improved WC, stun resistance�you know�this kind of stuff.).
My equip, especially in the very first clips, is really far from excellence; I barely reached 190 resilience. There is a sort of equip scaling going on with the video timeline , in fact the last clips are frapsed with 330 resilience�a hunter has to have a ball sometime, hasn�t he?

Well�I think that this summary was even too long�for any question, insult, or compliment my e-mail is [email protected]!

Enjoy the movie and thanks for watching it!.
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