Releasing The Beast II: Don't Call me Huntard! by Sazabi
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Movie Summary
This movie is not intended to be in any way a showcase of skills. Let's say that it's more of a display of editing and comedy, PvP is just a mere excuse to introduce them in the movie. If you are looking for a godlike playstyle, well, no cookies for you here!

One year has passed since my first movie, Releasing The Beast, an Orc Hunter's Tales. And despite the screwed up 500GB Seagate, the broken 20''wide monitor (luckily I had already rendered half of the movie at that time), and the mysterious slight audio desync in some parts of the movie, here it is its follow-up!

"Releasing The Beast II: Don't Call me Huntard!" follows the step of the first movie, offering something for every taste: machinima, good music (I swear, no overused metal/emo/screamo stuff this time), entertaining pvp (at least i hope so!) and comedy. The structure of the movie has not changed: the PvP clips are interwowen with cutscenes, fancy editing and splitscreen, for the pleasure of your eyes :)

So, what's in Releasing the Beast II to watch? What's the storyline about this time? Well..the plot concerns the...difficult relationship between the character and me...the editor! It's like the border between game and reality doesn't exist: in this movie the real world and the world of Azeroth meet each other, bringing sometimes to paradox...seems quite complicated but don't worry: the movie itself will speak for me :)
And before you ask, yes, the irony about the World of Warcraft is still't get offended please, expecially you rogue and mages videomakers out there, I was just kidding! XD

Yeah, there's also PvP: the usual 1vX fights, that are the best way to keep audience entertained :)

Before leaving you to the movie, here you are some FAQs about the movie, the editing, the music and so on :)


Q. Oh my, 630 MB of movie? Are you crazy? And what the heck is this .mp4 extension?
A. Hey, that's still a 28 minutes movie! 630 MB is quite a fitting filesize for such a long and such a high quality video! Yes, because the video quality will be way higher than Releasing the Beast I. I recorded at 1680x1050, and the movie is rendered at 720p. So i suggest you to download it to your hard drive for the best experience :)
As for the mp4 extension...if you don't have the h.264 codec (which this movie is encoded in) get the VLC Media Player here, you will thank me someday! If you are still having lag/skipping/missing frames issues try downloadomg the XviD version of the can't go wrong with that!

Q. How long did the movie take to be edited? There's pretty much work in there!
A. Two months, no more, no less. August 3 -> October 3. To be honest i could have finished even before...but an HD electrical failure deleted raw files and bg clips. Luckily I had already rendered the first two cutscenes (though they could have used some polishing), but I still had to fraps again ALL THE BG CLIPS in a 5-days rampage! That's why some of the pvp I had wasn't of the most exciting ^^

Q. How did you import your model in the movie? Do you really look like that ugly guy?
A. The first and the last scene are recorded in The Sims 2. The WoW models are placed on the background and properly masked. And yes, I DO look like that guy :|

Q. What's the name of the first/second/third song, the one that plays when you pvp?
A. The tracklist is mentioned in the credits, right at the end of the movie. But since I'm a good boy, I'll list for you the three "fight songs"!
1. Machinae Supremacy - Overworld
2. Celldweller - Own Little World
3. Machinae Supremacy - Edge and Pearl

Q. Nice UI! Mind to share it?
A. I'll think about it in the future, though I believe that people must create the game environment that better suits their gameplay by themselves!

Q. Dude, your voice acting is awful! Please do not voice your characters EVER AGAIN!
A. You might have a point. But since it's three movies that I voice Sazabi, it would be just unfair to switch actor right now. Also be merciful with me please! English is not my native know, it's quite difficult to play a character in a foreign language!

Q. Omg your gear sucks, you don't even have 2k rating shoulders! You're a bad player and The Sims 2 is gay rubbish!
A. Then you did not get the purpose of this movie, and you'd be better to leave this page, before Kitty feasts on you!

Additional credits:
Niymiae/Kryo of Mazrigos a.k.a. Ugo, for letting me know about Machinae Supremacy (/bow) and for his effort in the voice acting sessions (NEXT TIME BUY A BETTER MICROPHONE, CCITUA)

Nysia of Stormrage, for the stoic 3 hour long voice acting session and for her kindness!

Aketo of Stormrage, for saving me with some emergency pro voice acting and for waiting this movie to come out this morning XD

Enjoyed the movie? Check out my previous works!

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Questions? Just wanna drop me a line? Feel free to send me a mail! [email protected]!.

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