Argeln/Thorkan 2100 3v3 by Arglen
Class: - | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Arglen's Arena Team 1
Azuresong Thorkan Fenomeno
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A 3v3 arena video featuring 2 teams:
RMP (Priest pov) and Double rogue Restodruid (Rogue pov)
Both are my characters and I enjoy playing arena on both of them. This is the first time I release a video of my priest however, I've released quite a few videos on my rogue in the past.

In the priest pov fights, there is a lot going on, you might have to review them a few times (if you're interested in it, of course).

In the rogue pov fights, I chose to showcase 3 clips, 2 of which against high armor targets, which is not easy for our setup.

The fights were recorded around 2100 rating for RMP and around 2000 rating for double rogue druid. On my rogue's team, I'm specced shadowstep for the scenes, and my fellow rogue is mutilate.

I've migrated my rogue to Stormscale where I'm now named Arglen, and I will be going there with my priest as well (so will my team.)

As always, download for best quality! Stage 6 stream is okay-ish.

Music list:

Andy Hunter - The wonders of you
Machinae Supremacy - Through the looking glass
Rise Against - Life less frightning
Sonic Syndicate - Denied
Zebrahead - Hello tomorrow

I zipped and uploaded my addons for you and you can download them here:;9478446;/fileinfo.html



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