Druids of Azeroth - Shapeshift Skins Model Editing preview by Andrige
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This is the official preview video of some of the Druids of Azeroth (or DoA) shapeshifting skins for Druids in World of Warcraft. This is a mod that reskins the appearances of forms and have been accepted and appreciated by the community with glee. The video is simple and long but with music to set the mood, and don't expect anything else than yes; a preview.


I'm only here to brighten a Druids day if you've gotten tired of the same old skin that we've had for about 3-years now, if you can't respect the idea behind this then please don't post at all.

Visit ~ my official topic ~ for information on how to install and of course download. Also contains a highly detailed collage of the forms as screenshots, so if you were interested in the details rather than the blurry shapes on your web-stream, then its the place to go.

Also contains some useful information about model-editing in general and some mild warnings if you are to use this.

This is against the License Agreement and by posting this in the Underground section of WarcraftMovies, I hope you'll respect that I'm linking this, and realize you will be using this pack of your own free will.

I'm getting mildly annoyed by people who says that Worgen "isn't fitting with Druid-lore"... who the hell asks you to use that form? It's YOUR option to use it, you blatantly look past the Tauren Lion and Nightelf Lynx which is in fact a part of the Standard pack compared to the Worgen which I labelled Alternative... it's a good PvP-option for those who wants to be two-legged rather than four-legged. I just don't... well I don't get it. Should I remove it and give less alternatives because "isn't fitting"? :/

I might be able to actually update the models now, and since I know of game-developer for Wii who said would be interested in making the models for me if I had the means for it, it could mean some nice improvements. If you're interested I suggest you keep an eye out on the provided above link... although I'm not making any guarantees it will happen anything soon.

Nightelves who think the skins are too dark; consider the video quality, that it's indoors in Darnassus and the fact that there's screenshots at this place where you can judge properly since it's neutral lighting and have screenshot quality.
That it's less colourful comes from the fact I wanted a common theme (you can clearly see that Tauren is brown and Nightelf is gray), and I for one wouldn't want to look at a purple Dire Bear. I'm gonna consider a colour-rechange when I get the tools to update to REAL new models aswell.

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