WIP - Heart of the Wild - Ursoc's Hymn by Andrige
Class: Druid | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Balnazzar ( Conviction )
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I do not expect everyone to like this nor like the concept of this lore-driven adventure I'm working on.
This is a project I started two summers ago with a script which is at ~40 A4 pages, and this video does not even do close to justice of how long its supposed to be. I estimate it to be perhaps 1h long or so, about the length of an usual movie.
Also, since it's written so long ago, this takes place during the invasion of the Qiraji but in my version the invasion has taken quite a drastic turn...


This project is something I do from time to time with my limited options without any helpers (I do most of the filming inside the game, not with use of WoWModelViewer), so now I'm submitting this work-in-progress to see what kind of feedback I can get.
And to mention, all the artwork you see in the movie is made by me, visit: http://triggerman.deviantart.com/ for my page.
There's some other goodies I'm doing as well but that will be revealed with time.

NOTE: I will only reply to constructive criticism.
I will withdraw the preview if it gets too many views, and release a trailer instead.

Here is where I will update with the next chapters/segments of the movie. This is to make it easier for me to update and upload new material.
Mostly, the reason for the movie being here in the first place is to get a place where I can direct people when I try to get them interested in participating. Since I do need participants, me and Will have almost run out of the easier scenes to make with only two people.

New scene: My first real attempt at WoWModelViewer video editing, is a direct followup to where the main video ends.
~ Pt1Sce3:The Second Meeting

Went back to in-game footage again, short work solo since my work-partner have been unable to help me out as of late. Experimenting with adding the written interludes between the chapters, something which may be unnecessary but adds some flavour.
~ Pt2Sce2:Settlement in Orgrimmar

This particular scene is not completed yet, there's still lines and scenes missing, but this is about Ronco and Motat's past encounter with the Qiraji. Each one of these segments take quite a long time to make too, but me and William are gonna work on this :)
~ Pt4Sce7:Tales of the Past ~

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