Captain Oneshot by Celissa
Class: Warlock | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Kazzak ( Misery )
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UPDATE: Youtube stream added, works for me atleast. Filefront still bugged. Quality is a bit fucked, but you can see the number, which is pretty much the point of the clip, pushing it to the edge. I still suggest you download it though, its a small clip, and the streaming destroys the artwork in the start.

I was bored for a while, then I came up with the idea of trying to go for the highest, unexploited crit ever...

I was unlucky with some buffs, the result could have been even better than it eventually turned out to be.

Captain Oneshot was one of my many nicks before tbc release, when there were no such thing as resilience in pvp.

Solice made the logo/picture in the start, credit to him for that. Please DO NOT use the live streaming as it fucks up the quality of the picture a lot, the movie is only 40mb so it shouldnt take very long to download.

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