Devastate (2K DPS Protection) by Photon2
Class: Warrior | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Shandris ( Emberstorm )
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So often I here people ask "What is the best way to DPS as a prot warrior when I'm not tanking?" It is no secret that gearing up like a fury warrior and going dual wield is the way to go. The purpose of this video is to show that a prot warrior can do acceptable DPS when not needed as a tank.

This is the second protection DPS video I make, but the first one on warcraftmovies. The correct title of this movie should be 1.6k sustained DPS. I chosed to name it 2k DPS as a grabber and since I peak at 2067 DPS during the fight, it is partially true.

I do not claim that protection is a DPS spec at all. The spec I use in this footage (10/10/41) is a very close modification of my normal tanking spec (11/5/45). The biggest part of the DPS here comes from the gear, the raid synergy and the use of consummables. I mainly play as protection but I'm also a part time fury warrior. For the occasion of this movie, I asked to be put in the windfury group which explain why a rogue is out. This is obviously not optimal for the global DPS of the raid but was required to try to achieve the highest DPS as prot.

This is the WWS report of the fight:

The skill rotation I used is:
Whirlwind x1
Devastate x6
Heroic Strike at 40+ rage

For Execute spam I used a faster off-hand (The Brutalizer) and Recklessness.

Consummables used:
Flask of Relentless Assault
20 STR food
Adamantite Sharpening Stone
Haste Potion x2

Thanks for watching..
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