Azzinoth Protection PVP 3.0 by Photon2
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shandris ( Emberstorm )
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Movie Summary
a tribute to Protection PVP

This is a 16 min movie showing the new 3.0 Protection Warrior spec in PVP. It include 2 BGs clip, 9 duels vs the following players:


...and more!

This is not a showcase of skill, but rather an ocasion to present an emerging play style of the warrior class. I hope that my passion for my class, my server, my friends and World of Warcraft is perceivable in this video. I tried my best to make it very entertaining and enjoyable by anyone. There is no arena fight. S4 being over, class balance being what it is, I thought arenas were not appropriate at this time.

The whole project took me well over 3 weeks of work. This is not my first gameplay movie but it is my first PVP movie. I wanted to do a PVP movie for a long time but there's always been something preventing me from doing it. My focus in WoW as always been PVE but I enjoy every aspect of the game. I concider myself an average PVPer. I do not claim to be top skilled and never invested enough time in arena to get very high. Though I enjoy creative gameplay or spec rather then cookiecuter.

Most additional information is included in the video. For any other questions feel free to message me here on or in game.

Thanks for watching..
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