The Best Kept Secret of the Horde by Daniel Nordh by Nordh
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Movie Summary
The Best Kept Secret of the Horde goes Broadway. This is my second entry into a contest, and for people who remember Stop The Cavalry from the xmas contest, I am proud to present another Broadway entertainment machinima.

Thanks go to Glenn X Govan aka Caruu ( for his excellent voiceacting.

Another thanks goes to Henrik Norman for writing the script.

The music used is licensed from Digital Juice's StackTraxx series, and thus a final thanks go to my employer at Medix Produktion AB for letting me use her license.

If you liked this one, I recommend my other "Broadway" piece; Stop the Cavalry.

Edit 1:
Thanks for all the feedback. I realize the parts of "End of act X" is a bit slow. With some more time (aka less spending time in Italy) I could have finetuned it a bit more. I worked a bit with the music to make the changes blend better, and thus the slow transitions. It's a cheap method, and not excusable by any other means than me being stressed ;) At least I finished the movie before deadline ;)

Edit 2:
I would like to remind everyone that the script is not mine, and it was part of the contest to use that, or another one. So if you feel the story is "lame", it's not the contestants fault..
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