Pet Vs. World - Grand Widow Faerlina (10) Off tank by Nordh
Class: Hunter | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - The Maelstrom ( Rampage )
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I'm a hunter tank. Yes, you heard me right. So far I've tanked all normal Northrend instances on appropriate or less than appropriate levels. Usually the later.

For more information regarding hunter tanking, visit Big Red Rhino and be amazed by what tenacity pets can actually do nowadays.

My role was to off tank the next kill target, while another off tank just kept them busy elsewhere. I'm quite sure my gorilla would have been able to hold them all at once.
What I did was to send it in on our first kill target and dps:ed it down myself in time for Faerlinas first enrage. After that was done I picked up a new target and did the same, keeping an eye on the HP so that it didn't die too early. The last mob died a few seconds early, so we had to deal with an enrage in the end. To prevent the tank from dying I popped shield wall and taunted Faerlina to give the tank a few seconds to get back to full HP. She hits REALLY hard when she's enraged. The tank died anyhow at about 4%, but the last tank picked it up and we managed to nuke the last couple of percent off without any other problems.

This is just the start. A small warm up for things to come..
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