Buddhist - Master of Necromancy by Buddhist
Class: Deathknight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Black Dragonflight ( Stormstrike )
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A bug was found with the ability Raise Dead:

Raise Dead Rank 1
30 yd range
Instant 5 min cooldown
Raises a Ghoul to fight by your side. If no humanoid corpse is available, Corpse Dust must be supplied to complete the spell. If the corpses of friendly players are raised, they will have control over the Ghoul. You can have a maximum of one Ghoul at a time. Lasts 2 min.

As you can see, there's supposed to be a max of 1 ghoul. In this video, I summon dozens at a time, and rape shit to the rhythm of an amazing song. Enjoy.

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