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Bigmoran 3

Bigmoran 3 by bigmoran

PvP / Druid
The Grind ...

The Grind ... by drewbie63

Machinima / Multiple
The Legend...

The Legend... by Rethen

Machinima / Deathknight
5 Boxing W...

5 Boxing W... by Xeneres

Multiboxi / Warlock
The Advent...

The Advent... by Blorktronics

Dungeons / Hunter

Nogg-aholi... by Dopefish

Undergrou / Unknown
Paragon VS...

Paragon VS... by viwwe

Dungeons / Rogue

Azerothian... by UncleTom

Machinima / Unknown
Woundman 1...

Woundman 1... by woundman

PvP / Rogue
Moriat 70 ...

Moriat 70 ... by Moriat

PvP / Priest
Kinzin 2 :...

Kinzin 2 :... by Kinzin

PvP / Warlock

Enhancemen... by aurokk

Dungeons / Shaman
Kamil 5: T...

Kamil 5: T... by Kamill

PvP / Paladin
Limited Es...

Limited Es... by soosisti

Machinima / Unknown
Khuna ft Z...

Khuna ft Z... by Khuna

PvP / Rogue
Creepers 2

Creepers 2 by Creepers

PvP / Mage
Welcome No...

Welcome No... by WoWitsHard

PvP / Unknown
Mystic - R...

Mystic - R... by mystzr

PvP / Warrior
Beta PvP 2...

Beta PvP 2... by jaba

PvP / Paladin
Taximan 1 ...

Taximan 1 ... by Taximan

PvP / Priest
The 12 Day...

The 12 Day... by oxhorn

Machinima / Druid
Laina6 MMh...

Laina6 MMh... by lyora

PvP / Hunter
Kinzin 3 p...

Kinzin 3 p... by Kinzin

PvP / Warlock

Death-Knig... by Nyhm

Machinima / Warlock
Kinzin Pro...

Kinzin Pro... by Kinzin

PvP / Warlock

Bloodline Champions Beta Keys Giveaway Event

Bloodline Champions Bloodline Champions represents the next generation of arena/based multiplayer games. Offering fun and fast-paced action, Bloodline Champions provides a challenge for both casual and hardcore gamers. Battle it out with thousands of other players from all over the world and master your bloodlines in the quest to become the ultimate champion! Currently in public beta testing, Bloodline Champions has already been embraced by thousands of gamers and has quickly gained momentum in the online gaming communities.

Bloodline Champions is being developed by Stunlock Studios, a Swedish game developer founded in 2009 by a small group of likeminded students at the University of Skovde. With a common interest in gaming, they took it upon themselves to create an intense and competitive gaming experience that would cater for both casual and hardcore gamers. In 2010 Funcom signed on as publisher for Bloodline Champions and they will be working closely with Stunlock Studios in realizing the game's full potential.

Each WCM Premium Member can get one of these Keys for free.
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Bloodline Champions Teaser Movie Contest

Stunlock Studios & Funcom, developer and publisher of the competitive arena multiplayer game Bloodline Champions, challenge you to make a Bloodline Champions teaser movie! Stunlock Studios are keen to test the skills of the best movie makers on warcraftmovies, and will be handing out prizes to the winning entries.

Competition message from James "2GD" Harding, eSport Manager Bloodline Champions
For the last 5 years I've been regularly visiting warcraftmovies.com and have been amazed time and time again with the creativity and talent of the community. I even dedicated a part of my weekly WoW ip-TV show ¡®WoWverload' to notable warcraftmovies. Now I look upon the warcraftmovies community again but this time with a challenge: Bloodline Champions is a competitive Arena game and we're looking for a teaser movie that encompasses the concept, feel and pacing of Bloodline Champions. Winners and notable mentions will be done via a livestream, joining myself on the stream will be the developers and artists from Stunlock Studios where your receive feedback on your work. And if you don't fancy doing a teaser for Bloodline Champions, and would prefer to do an arena PvP movie, or some crazy story about a fiery igniter who's obsessed with strawberry icecream but every time he tries to eat it, It melts, which only fuels his rage resulting in the destruction countless civilizations! But then later he falls in love with a err¡­ squirrel, then that's fine too. Because you know, it makes sense.
We wish all participants the best of luck!

Bloodline Champions movie making guide

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CkS8z2MWT0 (our orig promo movie)

Submission Period:
2010-08-7 - 2010-10-03

Announcing the Winners:

1st place:
· €500
· Exclusive In-game title: "The Movie Maker"

2nd place:
· €250

3rd place
· €100

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