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Here is the creme de la creme of WarcraftMovies, content and users with reputation superior to anything else, rounded up for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
Top 50 Movies
1Orcs r zeh best 35.000
2Tales of the Past III4.991
3MAJOR LEAGUE Azeroth4.986
4In For A Penny: Part Two "The Thorn...4.986
5The Craft of War: BLIND4.985
6Exploration the Movie4.985
7Northrend Wonderland4.979
8Releasing The Beast II: Don't Call ...4.978
9Myndflame Hallow's End Special4.974
10Snacky's Journal, episode 44.973
11Nogg-aholic the Movie4.973
12In Memory - Retribution Final Trail...4.973
13Releasing the Beast II: The Teaser4.972
14World First: Nihilum Vs. Illidan St...4.970
15Divided Soul4.970
16No Point: Stretching Time *TRAILER*4.970
17Edge of Remorse - Trailer4.969
18Gforce 3: My name is warrior - Trai...4.968
19Blackwing Lair: Rite of Passage4.968
20Tales of the Past III Teaser4.967
21The Rumpus Machine4.966
22Fury Trailer (Action Movie)4.966
23Thrall's Crib4.964
24World of Workcraft4.964
25BWL - Episode 34.964
26Tactical Guide - Illidan by Tamzin4.963
27The Grind - Halloween Special4.962
28Things You Need (48 hour film proje...4.962
29Mighty Morphin Midget Gnomes UNITE!4.962
30Azeroth Movie Top 34.962
31Save The Murlocs - Part I4.961
32Hunter Vs. World 4 - Solo DM North4.959
33Nogg-aholic preview4.958
34Fury Trailer 2 (Action Movie)4.958
35Wrath of A Couch Potato4.958
36The Demise4.958
37RTZS Recruitment4.957
38Snacky's Journal 3 PSA/PREVIEW4.957
39Ginga's Sony Vegas / Fraps Tutorial4.957
40Vurtne 60-66 Mage PvP4.956
41I'm So Sick4.956
42Chronicle of the Annoying Quest: Ep...4.956
43Hunter Vs World 8 - Solo-ology4.956
44Azerothian Super Villains - Episode...4.955
45Black Temple - Trailer4.955
46Unbroken - the trailer4.954
47The Burning Crusade Cinematic Intro4.954
48Inventing Swear Words 54.954
49The Avenger - Trailer4.953
50Warlock Solo: Molten Core - Part 3 ...4.952
 A movie needs at least 50 ratings to end up on the top list.