Converse Meets WoW - par The Godfather
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Crafting Worlds [dot] Com Presents:

This was for a contest at

24 seconds of pure imagination!


The contest rules stated that you could make a commercial for Converse Shoes, within the realms of the IDEA behind the shoes. These were not meant to be woohoo look I'm wearing your shoe but an embodiement of the image that shoe potrayed. For example: The Chuck Taylor All Star's inspiration is: IMAGINATION.

The intention of my film was to take a growing form of film making, �Machinima�, and combine it with a media project, such as this converse shoe commercial. What really drew me to this idea was the fact that the shoes represented ideas, such as imagination.

When I saw that I knew I could use the popular game World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment, which garnishes a 5+ million player fan base, as my palette.

The game meets the real world in this rendition and merges the two through the idea of �Imagination� and the Chuck Taylor All Star Shoe.

Even if you were not a player of this large scale online playing MMORPG you can still grasp the tensions rising through the movie and understand the message it portrays, even if done with fictional characters.

That is the magic of Machinima as with any form of film or theatre!

I was happy to bring it to the table and wish to thank Allison Davis for bringing it to my attention!

Amazing facts about this movie: Over 70 REAL PLAYERS showed up for the shoot; one player stood in one place for 2-3 hours as the "Shoe"; The directors face was half numb during the first hour, l o l.

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