Atkins - Switcher - par The Godfather
Class: Mage | Category: Machinima | Serveur : US - Lightning's Blade ( Vindication )
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CraftingWorlds [dot] Com has released a new movie entitled:

"Atkins - Switcher"


For all of you mages who think you are vending machines, here is your chance to shine!

While keeping with the aspect of these being movies to instigate players to go play on the Horde and �switch� from the alliance, we took a semi different approach as to HOW the character switched this time. Why keep everything linear : ) So no, you arn�t gonna switch to a warlock� : P Although I feel your pain.

Second Place Winner of the Xfire/Blizzard Movie Competition - Comedy!

First and foremost we would like to thank everybody who supported our latest Switcher movie, �Atkins�, which was a finalist in the XFire Machinima Contest. There were many great movies and many things to learn from all the contest submissions, so overall this was a wonderful learning experience for the Machinima community as a whole. At the end of the voting period, �Atkins� managed to place 2nd overall in the Comedy category. Words cannot describe how grateful we are to all of you who have supported us from day one.

Info On Switch Movies:

This is a moch up of the old Switch Ads that Mac used to make for people who switched from PC to apple, but this is in WoW and well this is From Alliance to HORDE.

This is the second episode of a new line of HORDE PROPOGANDA movies!

I am also offering Video Podcasts for all of you IPOD OWNERS!!


More Mirrors, Character Breakdown, an F.A.Q., Podcasts, and a few other goodies here:


P.S.Thanks once again and a personal sorry to all those who didn�t have an easy link to download the movie from, usually that is the case with all the movies here, but this was one of those cases. So please forgive : ) There are alot of links up now!!!(especially for you MAC USERS!!!)

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