The Next WoW Expansion (Nobbel87, Danger Dolan, Moocluck, and Nixxiom) par Nixxiom
Class: Death Knight | Category: Machinima | Serveur : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
With guest appearances of: Nobbel87 and Danger Dolan (TheDDGuides)!

During each expansion's life cycle there always comes a time when players begin to theorycraft what will be next. Nixxiom and Moocluck are no different! However, while Nixxiom has one opinion of what the next expansion will be, Moocluck has another. Only by consulting the Prophet, whose knowledge is unlimited, can they both find an answer to what the next WoW expansion might be.

Made by, Nixxiom
With additional voices provided by:
â–ºDanger Dolan (TheDDGuides)

Thanks to you both for taking part in the video and bringing it to life! Also, I'm sorry for punching you in the face DD. I'll be sure to make a video where you can get revenge on me in some way. :)

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