Tree of Life - (A WoW Machinima from Nixxiom) par Nixxiom
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Movie Summary
The sequel to "The Druid." Ashevn, still seated within the Temple of Elune, has another story to share with you all. No dogs or bears this time, however. This one is a little closer to home.

►If you haven't seen "The Druid," you can watch it here:

And again, like with "The Druid," the music used in the video was made by the ever-so-talented Forest Elves! In the video I used their song "Tree of Life," as well as their newest song "Path of Fate" to play over the credits. If you haven't checked out their channel yet: Do so! You will not be disappointed.
Tree of Life:

►Sub Screen Image:

►To Forest Elves:
Thank you both for allowing me to turn your music into my own expression of video. I just hope I did the song justice! I of course hope to use more of your music in the future, if you'll permit me. :)

►To Kormyra:
Thank you so much for the drawing of Ashevn that you did. You have no idea how surprised I was to see that posted to me on Deviantart and, as I've shown you, I've made it a poster on my bedroom's wall. Your picture is truly what inspired me to make this video, having shown me that it was time for Ashevn to come back and share a new story.

►The Poem:

A man came to her,
She was in the rain,
eyes shadowed great pain,
forgotten again.
And so he took her,
became her father,
dressed her in fine fur.

And so she grew up,
and alas he old,
until I am told,
his life did unfold.
And she did tear up,
alone was that pup,
the family, broke up.

And so the girl wept,
For Grace was now dead,
and her warmth, it fled,
depression, it spread.
In mourning she wept,
The memory kept,
her judgement, inept.

But a light came then,
again to her soul,
a wisp there did stroll,
follow it, her goal.
Through the trees and then,
a waterfall when,
she saw him again.

But not so alone,
with family, he flew,
her spirits renew,
twas her family too.
She was not alone,
for there he had shown,
foundations of stone.

Let us remember,
that which we have lost.
yet do not accost,
from those days we've crossed.
Let us remember,
to late November,
our own honored dead.

~Made by, Nixxiom Machinima

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