Uhvoidme 3 Cataclysm rogue pvp par uhvoidme
Class: Voleur | Category: PvP | Serveur : US - Arena Tournament
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"The Last Dance"
Recorded all in 4 day span after 1st week or so of arena launch against R1 players and rating pushing sweats. no voice except 3s games. too much slow mos and zoom ins during uhvoidme 2 so rlly chilled out on that this one lol. would appreciate a rating if you enjoyed.

Also....... yes im a night elf rogue in a dress named "imalilhoe"

Song list:
TOKYOPILL - Ethereal
Chris SU - Solaris Theme (VIP Mix)
Crystal Castles - It Fit
Crystal Castles - Through The Hosiery
Crystal Castles - xxzxcuzx me
Crystal Castles - Femen
Little People - Unsaid
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