Complexity - Lost Video - HappyMinti/Venruki/Sodah by HappyMinti
Class: - | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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HappyMinti's Arena Team 1
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Complexity Ė The Lost Video Ė HappyMinti/Venruki/Sodah

Keep in mind, this isn't a showoff movie, if you want big numbers/showoff duel stunts, this isn't for you. Our team received Brutal Gladiator with this setup last season.

Shortly after our attendance to MLG Orlando I asked my teammates to download fraps and record for a single night of arenas. Ventrilo was recorded, fraps was run, and our first team movie was born. Due to some technical difficulties this movie was put on hold indefinitely but recently I mustered the strength in light of good news (our invitation to Complexity) to buckle down and really try to figure out how to resolve the rendering issues that previously had interrupted my progress releasing this movie. Alas, I was able (at the sacrifice of a little quality unfortunately) to get a great final render of the video and here it is.

The video is pre-3.0 meaning itís at the moment in time in arena history that people seem to cherish most. Itís a reminder to how great and competitive the game has been in the past, and despite the recent goofs by blizzard, the certain bright future competitive WoW has. At the point in time that this was recorded our team had been playing together for a few months; the next tournament we attended we placed first in the United States (ESL Los Angeles).

This video isnít so much of a highlight reel like most releases, itís more of a teamwork oriented reel attempting to give you a glimpse into our play style, strategy, and communication. Itís a bit outdated, and we have made some changes to our style, but we couldnít show you everything now could we?
More flicks to surely come!
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