Nerf Sap 9 - Arenas by HappyMinti
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
1: Yes I know Wipped is actually spelled "Whipped"

2: This movie does not have Muse, unlike every other PvP vid released in the past year. I'm not exactly sure how the Muse craze got started or spread like it did, but I assure you there is no Muse in this movie! I do like Muse though of course =]

...On a more serious note, I have been really dilydalying around quitting wow and playing wow and quitting wow and playing wow again. I finally thought I was done with it and was doing a great job of being apathetic about the game when low and behold my gf installed WoW on my computer in my sleep and clever little Dahis (who has since quit actually - sadface) dragged me back into competitive PvP. At the moment I'm am back into the game, and playing competitive 2v2. I don't dislike 3v3 or 5v5, in fact I love 3v3, but at the moment it's just too hard to balance multiple arena teams.

This movie consists of mostly Rogue + Warlock 2v2 (both human, no WoTF) after the most recent patch that nerfed crowd control and dot damage. Nevertheless, Hips and I are still able to make the combo work and we have reached 2350 on BG9 - Bloodlust and plan to continue to strive for over 2400 in the next couple of weeks. Point being, with this movie finally done I'll have more time to play and gain rating.

You'll notice of course that most fights in this movie are against the most generic team setups that you could imagine, Lock + Priest/RestoShaman, Warrior + Druid/Pally, Rogue + Lock, and a few others. Unfortunately at the higher ratings most all of the other setups are held back due to class restrictions.

I hope you all enjoy the movie, and I hope it demonstrates to everyone how fun Lock + Rogue can be in 2v2, and how good coordination can really pull you out of the toughest situations.

I would like to also state that Hips is 90% of the success of this 2v2 team, and my measly behind is just there to support him a little on the side.

Nerf Sap 10 is a possibility, but I need a break, movie making is exhausting. Perhaps I'll follow my pattern and make the next installment in 11 more months. Perhaps not..
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