Trakke 6: Hunter 3v3 by Trakke
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Please download the HQ, because the LQ is really LQ :( If your gonna stream take the Wegame one

"The FILEFRONT STREAM only got half the movie, dont watch it"


You dont like hunters
You dont like arena
You dont like other peoples taste in music
You dont like RNG
You dont like Blood Elfs
You dont like Default UIs

Okey so after i started playing my hunter, migrated to Stormscale i tried alot of combos and recorded some of them. The games that's not on tournament is the first time i play the combo (And the first time my teammates does aswell) so the tactics arent as solid as they could be, aswell as some trinkets while im getting a dispel i thought i wouldnt get. (Bad habit when u play with forteh)

The teams are as follow:

Mage (Trigz)
Paladin (Forteh)

Warlock (Inflame)
Paladin (Forteh)

Warlock (Ghingis)
Druid (Lifeoom)

The games don't show spectacular play by me, because i was still learning combos and playing with new people - it always take i while to get used.

The video states im in Zombies, and the movie was recorded during my time in zombies but atm im in a pve guild preppin' for Ulduar.

I dont take Quality ratings seriously unless you downloaded the HQ i have to offer.

FILEFRONT: Farewell - We are suspending FileFront site operations indefinitely on March 30 - So be sure to get it before site goes down

Thanks for reading and watching!

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