Trakke WOTLK Arena 2k~ by Trakke
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Karazhan ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
Hey, so here is my first priestmovie.

It's from the start of WoTLK and well...Yeah arena is what it is atm, dont take it to serious.

Hope you enjoy.
And yeah, download else u wont see shit.


No Scope - Pale and Blue


As many know i've been playing the hunter for arena purposes alot but in the end of TBC i started doing arenas with my priest, managed to get the s4 shoulders e.t.c.

And when me and valpen teamed up we just play alot ALOT of games to figure out different tactics to different teams. The games i recorded was "just for lulz" and nowhere near any "good games". All the opponents (no offence) are poor. I mean we win because they make stupid mistakes really, but also because skill is not a factpr to be high in arenas now, combos is. 90% of the hunters i've met are laughable. Same goes with DKs. Cant really say how many times i've gotten mark of blood for

This being said, im "new" to priest arenas and im still learning, the games are from vindication and they are not great games, i do countless of mistakes, i wasnt picking games i played flawlessly, or my rogue did. I wasnt planning on releasing it either. But i did. And as i take the bad comments with a grain of salt im also taking the good comments with a level head. I know my capacity. I like making movies and thats why i do it. Hopefully ill improve and hopefully next will be better. Thanks all tho!

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