Rogue Solo Onyxia by phishylolz
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Burning Blade ( Vindication )
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Hi. This is simply a pve video showing how the rogue class can solo the Onyxia encounter.

Blizzard may have nerfed the "untouchable" rogue by greatly reducing the amount of dodge we get from agility, but they did make a key change to feint(grants 50% less aoe dmg taken for 6 seconds)that ultimately made it possible to solo this fight.

The spec used is 22/16/33 for QR(20% more healing done), riposte(20% less target attack speed), and enveloping shadows(30% less aoe dmg taken). Ive tried other specs as well, but this one seemed to work the best for me. Also, for the kill the buffs i used was a defense and agility elixir, expertise/stam food and stamina scroll.
^ (ill try to remember to log out with the spec + gear used)


Low Life - Front Line Assembly
Passive - A Perfect Circle
Come Clarity - In Flames
Loui - Ronald Jenkees

Sorry about the poor quality, but i simply couldnt fraps at better settings as it was unplayable fps lag. I even get some lag during the video as you'll notice :(


Elkano's Buff Bars

Afaik this would be a world first for a rogue, but i dont spam search the internet 24/7 so i could be wrong.

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