Phishy 2 by phishylolz
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Burning Blade ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary

This is a world pvp/bg video with a little bit of arena towards the end. Most of it is against undergeared/bad players in mostly 1vN situations. Due to the state of world pvp right now in WoW(atleast on my server) I had a hard time getting what I thought were good clips, but with 3.0 coming out soon I figured I’d just use what I had so the video didn’t seem TOO outdated with all of the changes 3.0 is bringing to the game. Also, there isn’t a whole lot of editing as I still haven’t found the time to put a lot of effort into really learning how to use vegas well.

The arena section of the video contains 2v2 as spriest/rogue on an alt rogue I lvld up just after the start of season 4. My gear was pretty bad(about 100 res, 1500 ap, and 8k hp, LOTS OF LEET GREENS), however, due to the nature of the comp and the rogue class in general, we were still able to reach as high as 2060ish. Not to mention I was getting carried by the best priest in the world :) There are also two warr/rogue clips in the video. Both are against rogue/druid, which is the only high rated comp that we can consistently beat and play against that often. The highest rating we reached was 2141.

Music genre’s used in this video are pretty much a mix of electronic/trance/techno. If you don’t like it im sorry, cant please everyone blah blah blah.

Dottor Jekill & Mr. DJ – Gabry Ponte
(16:50-20:20) – iso 7
(52:00-54:00) – iso 7
(14:00-17:00) – iso 8
Adrenaline – Purple Haze
(1:13:15- end) – iso 8
A Pain That Im Used To – Depeche Mode(Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
Wildcat - Ratatat

iso songs can be found here:

Specs used:
lolstep: 20/0/41
mutilate: 49/0/12

Lastly, the goal of this video is to entertain, not to prove im the best rogue in the universe. If I wanted to do that I’d go make a pure arena video and id probly fail miserably anyway. However, there’s enough of those out these days so I’ll try to do my best with some more old school stuff. :) And by all means, please leave comments and/or flames as to how I could do better for next time.

And sorry about the small amount of mutilate stuff in this video for those of you that enjoyed it in my first video. :(

tldr version: pvp video

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