Hofflerand 2 - Ret PvP (2.5-2.6k arena) by Hofflerand
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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Hofflerand's Arena Team 1
Hoffahoff Irreplacable Wcked
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Hofflerand's Arena Team 2
Wildfire Hoffahoff
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Hey there. My first PvP movie was pretty successful (Ret/Boomkin 2.4-2.5k: http://warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=113265). I hope you find this one equally entertaining.

There's a little less black screen/green text this time around (not that it's gone by any stretch, lol), such as in the outro, but the movie is still pretty bare-bones. There's no flashy intro, for example. I've always enjoyed movies like this personally -- I like for the movie to start silent and then have the music blow up when the first scene begins (jump right into the action, you know? Literally in this case ;]) -- but I know some people are disappointed without the fluff.

The main draw of my movies should be the actual PvP and the text with which I narrate the movie. The latter can't satisfy everyone because some people will find my sense of humor annoying, but some enjoy it as well. :P

I want everyone to understand how important the text is, though. I realize it can be distracting in the 3's games, but the games are extremely fast and I have to point out what I'm doing as much as possible. Without the text, it would just look like a bunch of facerolling. I'm sure some people will never be convinced that Ret takes skill even at highest levels of arena play, but a large part of the reason I made my first movie, and why I continue my movie-making, is to challenge that assumption. If the paladin is a split-second off with his abilities, especially his multiple forms of defensive utility, his teammates will die.

If you decide to watch the movie a second or a third time, you can ignore the text (it's white and not too large, after all -- unobtrusive, I'd say) and try to catch the little things I do yourself.

Hopefully I'll get a little better at using Sony Vegas with each movie. You see, eventually I'd like to release my favorite kind of movie: one of those crazy 40-minute ones with a great intro, all sorts of PvP, a couple cut-scenes, and just all sorts of creativity. To all of you oldschool paladins, think Zalgradis. :P

I was very happy with how my first movie turned out, but I believe Hofflerand 2 is a little higher quality and a step in the right direction. More than anything, I'm glad this one isn't purely 2v2. There are a few different kinds of PvP in this movie, but I won't spoil it for you.

Enjoy, and remember that I welcome constructive criticism. =)

p.s. I know the music won't satisfy everyone. I was damn surprised how many people enjoyed it in my first movie, but I'm not going to assume I'll have that good fortune twice. I tried to switch it up in the same way I did in the first one: some serious tunes, some whacky. If anyone was wondering, I personally enjoy every song in the movie. =P

I hope it suits most people's tastes because the movie will be less enjoyable if you have your sound muted.
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