Hofflerand X: Harry Potter and the Knight in Shining Fucking Armor by Hofflerand
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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Hofflerand's Arena Team 1
Getoffmenerd Hofflerand Hamsterboat
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Hofflerand X: Harry Potter and the Knight in Shining Fucking Armor is a mixture of Arms/Ret/R. Druid (ranging from ~2500 MMR to 2900+) and humorous BG clips with a couple Aff/Ret 2's matches in the middle. I'd say this is closest to my fifth movie which was focused on arena; the BG clips are fairly common in Hoff X, but they're more comic relief rather than a display of skill. The 3's is from a couple nights of recent arena.

The run time is over 50 minutes, but if you get bored you can safely stop at 32:27. At this point an uncut 15-min match begins. I think it's a great representation of how silly arena can be in S8, especially as Ret, and the Skype conversation throughout is hopefully amusing. Nonetheless, I understand an hour long movie isn't for everyone. :D If you're one of those special few for which this isn't the case, there's a download link on the right-hand side (click Download/Other mirrors -- it's hidden). I suggest leaving it on overnight. >.<

Thanks to Wcked for the title. Harry Potter is a reference to S8 with all the wizards running amok, and the Knight in Shining Armor bit is from when someone last season posted a Paint picture of my 5's team and labeled me so. As for the X in Hofflerand X, I skipped 8 and 9 because I obviously wasn't going to reach ten by the end of the expansion, and I'm going to drop the numbering altogether in Cata.

What else, what else. I realize I misspelled blooper reel (I wrote blooper real), but I didn't feel like spending six hours compressing it again for one typo. Also, a friend pointed out I wrote, "say I" rather than "say aye." Whatever, enjoy! As always, the song list is at the end of the movie, and thanks to Vereth for the interlude. See you in Cata!
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