Hofflerand 7: Ganking Win-traders by Hofflerand
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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edit: The stream is pretty low quality. I must have rendered it incorrectly or something. =\ For the my next movie, I'll go back to the old white text and try to figure out how to not make vent staticy. You'll still get the gist of this one if you use the stream, but it's really not the same as taking a short while to download (it's only 400mb!).


This movie is very different from my previous ones. It's intended to be a good laugh and to share my vindictive pleasure...the visuals (courtesy of Blizzard, not my movie-making skills) are nice, too. I enjoyed both making and watching this a lot, but I'm unsure how it will be received. It may be a bit of a "you had to be there" thing. I hope not.

There's little skill involved in Hoff 7 and no instanced PvP. I made it to take a break from my previous movies and for people to have something PvP-related to do between seasons. Hopefully it gets released in time.

Most of the conversation in vent is between Foomanchu, Lawrencejame, and Wcked. You can't hear me because I can't hear myself when recording. The playlist is at the end of the movie so please don't ask me for it. My armory:

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