ACIDDAGGER 9- Mage Introduction, arcane/rogue 2v2 arena short by Acidagger
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Bleeding Hollow ( Ruin )
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ACIDDAGGER 9- Mage Introduction, arcane/rogue 2v2 arena short

Acidd 5

Consider downloading if possible, file size is small for the quality.
Matches are played between 2k and 2300 mmr

Name: Acidg
Server: Bleeding Hollow

Hello all, and welcome to my 9th video. You may know me more
formally as a rogue, however i will be starting a series on
my alt which i have been working on, a mage. I have been playing
this character on and off since level 70 and haven't really taken
any serious attempt at anything until this current season. I
xfered him off of cho'gall in an attempt to bring him up in a bit
easier of an arena environment, that being on ruin bg. I have played frost for quite some time from 70 to 80, and found that arcane was the way to go for a shoulder pr. Once you get up higher this becomes very difficult, because of how easy it becomes to get gibbed due to lessened survivability. As frost you can peel for your rogue, as arcane your rogue needs to peel for you. These clips are not played at an amazing rating, consider this is a mere test of the content as my previous videos have been world pvp and duels. All matches are played at 2k-2.3k mmr, the highest we've gotten is 2.1. Matches are recorded pre and post 3.2. With that being said, hope you all enjoy, and please feel free to tell me what you think.

Thanks for watching!

Track list:

30 Seconds to mars- From Yesterday
Taking Back Sunday- What's It Feel Like To Be a Ghost

Programs used:

Sony Vegas 7.0
World of Warcraft

Addons used:

Dominos (bar mod)
Gladius (Arena mod)
Quartz (casting mod)
Stuf Frames (Unit Mod)

Video rendered with Sony Vegas 7.0
Encoded with h.264 codec
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