ACIDDAGGER 10 Trailer- Acidg, 51/0/20 Arcane Shatter spec intro by Acidagger
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Scilla ( Stormstrike )
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ACIDDAGGER 10- 51/0/20 Spec Introduction, Arcane Shatter

ACCOUNT CLOSED. I'm re-leveling a mage on scillia horde under the same name (acidg). My apologies go out to to everyone who was looking forward to this. I do plan on making this movie once i get this new character to a sufficient level of playability.

Acidd 5

Acidg of Scillia Alliance

Hello everyone and welcome to a short preview to a video i will be working on. I have been playing a spec which i got from Abn of mal'ganis horde. He has been playing it for quite some time as a 2's spec for mp. The spec offers quick burst on demand, and has the potential to put out a lot over a very short period of time. I haven't seen a video on this yet, so i figured i would try my best to put this spec into the open as another viable alternative to the norm. Throughout the course of the video i try to throw down a basic outline about how the spec works and what it can typically do. I have played this spec in mage priest as well, and it works quite nicely as an alternative.

Thanks for watching, and hope you all enjoy!

Track List:

1) Speed of sound (coldplay) - c-64 Radio Edit
2) Sound System Dreamscape - Trance
3) Clocks (coldplay) - Karl G

Program List:

World Of Warcraft
Sony Vegas 9.0


Stuf Unit Frames - Unit Frame replacement mod.
Error Monster - Hides red error messages.
Dominos - Action bar replacement mod.
Quartz - Casting bar modification.
Gladius - Arena Frames
Diminishing Returns - Displays dr on gladius.

Rendered using Sony Vegas 9.0, encoded using h.264 codec
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