Akio 1.0 2500 Priest by Akyo
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Próximamente ( Pixel )
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Movie Summary

Lo, This is my first and probably last video.
The main objective is to make a tribute to all my arena partners and learn something from Vegas. I don't pretend to show uberskillz, in fact, I'm not gladiator and I'm not going to be it.

The video is about of 30 minutes of arena + random stuff, I detail the parts if you want to skip them.

00:00 -> 01:40 -> Intro + some movs
01:40 -> 09:38 -> 2v2 around 2400, full clips
09:38 -> 12:00 -> 3v3 feral rogue disc around 2300
12:00 -> 13:56 -> Akio's urban sports (Intermission)
13:56 -> 25:08 -> 3v3 RMP around 2500
25:08 -> 28:51 -> 5v5 Enh Shamman, Drood, around 2300 rpm
28:51 -> 29:18 -> Credits + outro.

The 5v5 intro is original from one Machinima's video about a team of gnomes, I tried to do the same with my team.
If you want to understand the Intermission watch some videos of Neg from program "balls of steel"
My voice is fucking retarded when I speak in English, so I only put the music and some sound FX.

More ...
Dj. Tatana-Spring Breeze Remix M.R.S
Jan Johnston - Sleeping Satellite (Club Mix)
Myon and Shane feat Aruna - Helpless (Monster Mix)
Rise Against - Historia Calamitatum
Ferry Corsten Feat Maria Nayler - We Belong
B-Complex - Beautiful Lies
Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body Rock
Paradise Lost - Gray

Mainly trance, if you dislike it, you know, turn off the speakers.

Stream mirrors are pretty decent, but I suggest you to download the full movie (2 rar files) from filefront.
If you have any problems trying to watch it, try:
VLC Media Player (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/)

Addons: Afflicted 3(enemy cd's), Bartender (actionbars), FuBar_Perfomance (fps & addon memory control), Gladius, Grid (party debuff frame), OmniCC (my cd's), Pitbull (unitframes), Quartz (Cast Bars), SpellAlerter (spells msgs), SexyMap (minimap).

And finally, there are undead modeledit. I can't play with a fucking elf, nice butt, but damn cast animations are awful as hell.

I hope you like it, thanks for watching.


PD: Sorry for my bad English.
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