Akio II RMP 2200-2500 MMR by Akyo
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sanguino ( Crueldad )
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Akyo's Arena Team 1
Mad akių Domino
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Hi there, it's Akio.
I've continued playing this season only for my mates, nothing serious.

Like one said in our salsa-spanish-forums, "you can't leave the game, the game leaves you". And that's exactly how I am with WOW now.
Let's do it quick.

Content / video:
The movie contains 3v3 RMP and amateur machinima with references
to some geek movies like troll 2 or the grudge.
I frapsed normal arenas around the mmr 2200-2500, nothing special.
Entertainment purpose.

It's rendered at 1680x1050 high res h264(mp4) - 900MB. Try to download it! (Megaupload Mirror in download panel)

Soundtrack (Trance / electronic / Power Metal):

Dead silence (OST - main titles)
The thrillseekers / sublime
Left behind / poison black
Free falling / asot 2009
The sound of goodbye / asot
Seizure of Power / marlyn manson
Player one / machinae supremacy
Heavyweight / infected mushroom
Edge & pearl / machinae supremacy
Suilen / magnolia


Afflicted 3 (enemy cd's), Bartender (actionbars), FuBar_Perfomance (fps & addon memory control), Gladius, Grid (party debuff frame), OmniCC (my cd's), Pitbull (unitframes), Quartz (Cast Bars), SpellAlerter (spells msgs), SexyMap (minimap).

Ok, that's all. Enjoy and thanks for watching.

PD: Again, I sux in English, forgive me for destroy your language.
PD2: Yes, I love Hellsing.
PD3: For those people that send me a private msg about where can find the poison model edit, well, the answer is easy, in the fourth dimension.
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