Sexy Twins, Rogue Ret 2300 by Likeaneedle
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Lich King ( Flurry )
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Likeaneedle's Arena Team 1
Mefesto Likeaneedle
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The beginning of the Arena 7th season has begun. Liretally first 2-3 days. Location of video montage - Russian BG Flurry. In video 2on2 arena was used with retro pala+rogue comp (Double Female BE) in 2300 mmr region.
This is my first movie in WoTLK and I DO hope on its success and that it can entertain you.
I do not pretend on any omghighskill but since there are not much videos of this comp, it can be very useful. Have a nice time watching!

Following setups of enimies was used in video:
Rogue/Disc Priest
Rogue/Shadow Priest
Rogue/Feral Druid
Rogue/Retri pala
Mage/Disc Priest
Warrior/Holy Pala
Warrior/Protoholy Pala
Death Knight/Holy Pala
Death Knight/Protoholy Pala
Death Knight/Resto Druid
Warlock/Disc Priest
Warlock/Protoholy Pala
Hunter/Disc Priest
Hunter/Resto Druid
Elem Shama/Disc Priest
Elem Shama/Holy Pala.

If you didn't enjoyed music turn it off and switch the one you like.

Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturbed (300mix)
? - Free Loader (Dave Darrell's Club Mix)
Starkillers - Discoteka(DJ Solovey and DJ Anastasia Nuclear)
Vandalism - Habando(Club Mix)
Kaskade - Step one two (Laurent Wolf Club Mix)
KaZantip - Live 2008
De-grees - Just Dance (Michael Mind Remix)

Link to archive with the music. Enjoy!

Programs used:
World of Warcraft
WoW Model Viewer 0.6
Photoshop CS3
Sony Vegas 8.0
Fraps 2.6

And OK it is my first movie...So if you can give me some advice about it, I'll be glad to listen you :)
Oh xD Don't scare of the length of the movie in the WCM stream :) real length of the movie is 20 min 48 sec. I think it's because of two-pass render...
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