The Undergear Power, Rogue/Lock Arena by Likeaneedle
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Aerie Peak ( Misery )
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Likeaneedle's Arena Team 1
Likeaneedle Thelola
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Hey, I'm Likeaneedle, the author of "Sexy Twins"
Want to introduce my new movie. But now it is not serious, fun movie xD
At those holydays I had enough time to play for fun. I have frapsed during 2-3 days from my friend's rogue and played with my best teammate, with whom we started to play at retail in the past :)
This movie in fact like previous. A lot of comps and little editing with pure arena demonstration, but it has some story line at the begining.
In general, what you can expext:
-PoV from total undergear rogue :'(
-Two "Sexy" nerfed(lol) undeads xDD (patch 3.3 ok)
-Hardstyle club music.
-2 min of story line.
-20 min of pure arena battle.
-Midrated 2v2
-Few funny oneshots. Ths to lock.
-Little editing without something annoying.
-1 Deadly Gladiator o.O.

If you don't like club music, feel free to turn it off and listen what do you want.
Have nice time watching and thanks for it ;)

Elven - Call of the Forest
Pfeifer Broz. Music - Winged Sedition
Two Steps From Hell - Eternal Sorrow
THT - Gabriel
A-Lusion Meets Scope DJ - Reaching out
Scooter - J'adore Hardcore (radio edit)
Radial Playerz - Salvame (original mix)
Activator - Lullaby
Nicola Fasano vs Outwork feat Mr.Gee - Elektro (Nicola Fasano South Beach Mix)

P.S. movie length = 23.57
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