Hofflerand 5: Less BG's by Hofflerand
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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Hofflerand's Arena Team 1
Beleta Hoffahoff Hamsterboat
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The playlist is at the end of the movie. If you want it, make your way to the end. =P

My Sacred Shield/FoL HoT tracker:

It's in the middle and a bit to the left of the screen. It shows the person's name, and blue is SS while green is the HoT. It's an important part of paladin utility, so I'd like to make sure you know it's there.


Hey, everyone. I'm pretty happy with how this movie came out. There are things that could have been better such as including some RMP/Wizard Cleave, but all in all I'm happy. The video was already my longest at over 30-min so I decided to go with what I had, that I could include any clips I get later in a future movie. A couple teams were rated 2.2-2.3k (this includes the opening arena clip) instead of the usual 2.5-2.6k. At first this made me unsatisfied with them, but then I realized these clips were both fun and informative so I included them

Hoff 5 is my first movie with any true world PvP scenes (the opener to my second movie was an organized event so it doesn't really count :P). I plan to do more world PvP in future videos.

There's only one BG scene, but it's a long/good one, I think. The rest is arena. The majority of the movie is arena. My last movie got the most views and highest rating of any of my movies, not to mention #1 skilled of the week. I found this a bit odd since it was mostly battlegrounds! I am interested to see how this one does since it went back to my former format of ~75% arena. It's possible I'll do 50% arena/50% non-arena in Hoff 6 for a nice balance between the two. After watching this, tell me what you like best.

I'd also like your input on the double-healer match. It was 10-min long and I cut it to around 4-min. I want to see if people understood what I was doing and whether or not they feel it worked well. The match was a good one and there were some skillful parts. I hope you like it, but I admit I'm a bit anxious. I've never tried cutting in this manner for an arena clip. My first attempt was actually the last scene of my last movie, the Alterac Valley one.


I use Seal of Command. I'm surprised at how few high-rated paladins use it. I know why many choose not to, but even the top 3v3 Ret paladins on SK-100 who run war/Ret/healer don't. SoC just synergizes very well with this matrix. Should you try to base your strats around Cleaving as many targets as possible? No. Does it add extra pressure to the already fearsome combo of Bladestorming/Divine Storming a team you forced into a bad position? Yes.


All of the arena clips are war/Ret/R. druid. The matches can look a bit sloppy, but that's just how the comp feels. I actually feel more challenged than I did playing RRP or Marks/Ret/R. druid.

I'd go further to argue what people like about teams like RMP, the precision which people see as skill, actually causes you to think less and follow a previously decided pattern. I realize this comment will make some people angry. I'm not saying my Cleave takes more skill than RMP, or that RMP's don't have to think of the fly. Good ones definitely do; they are great at playing based on the situation which is what enables them to beat good Cleaves and such.

Bad RMP's, on the other hand, play similarly to how bad Cleaves do. If their opener goes awry, they lose. Good RMP's and good Cleaves both have to read situations and react to them. While RMP's skill is in the use of its CC and snares/roots, my team's skill is in the countering of those tools.

Feel free to disagree. All I ask is that you think on what I said calmly and rationally. :)


My last video, Hoff 4, has ten days left to break 100,000 views in under a month! It's up to 93,000. If you haven't seen it and like this one, check it out.
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