AQ40 Bug Family Solo - Kri last by Mionelol
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Illidan ( Cataclysme )
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Absolutely 0 (zero) editing. I swear I tried, but there's just nothing I can do about it. This is just the fight and nothing more.

The key to this fight is to let your ghoul tank Vem. You cannot interrupt Yauj reliably without this, and I'm nearly sure no class aside from DKs will ever do this fight alone at level 80.

Spec is 28/0/43. You probably do not need anything more than 18/0/36 or 0/0/36. Everything else is up to you.

Glyphs are Rune Tap, Disease, Ghoul. Rune Tap isn't needed for this fight, but it helps doing Lethon/Taerar/Ysondre/Emeriss (which can be done with this exact same spec without much problems). You could replace Rune Tap by Death Strike or Rune Strike if you're not planning to soloing them.

Buffs used are Drums of the Forgotten Kings, Drums of the Wild, Runescroll of Fortitude, and Flask of Endless Rage. No food :< shame on me.

Fight is quite challenging even though i'm an OP deathknight, a bit of luck is involved, but you have quite a lot of margin for error or bad luck. If you fail, just reset the fight by going outside of the room (easier said than done). Enrage is 15 minutes so be careful. If you're too short on the enrage timer, kill Kri before Vem. As a side note, this kill took something around 7-8minutes.

Quick tips :
- Never pestilence on Vem. NEVER.
- On a more global note, you should do everything possible to generate as less threat as possible on Vem.
- Stay at max range from Vem as much as possible. You'll need to come close sometimes though, Ghoul Frenzy hasn't an infinite range.
- Do not go too far away from Vem. Quite contradictory, but your ghoul will despawn if you're at the opposite side of the room. Never forget fear pathing.
- Get as much +hit rating on your gear as possible. Resists are a real pain.

Music is Sidology Episode 2 : Trinity, from Machinae Supremacy.
Blog (in french) :
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