Solo Naxxramas at 85 (really!) by Mionelol
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Some more DK solo fun. Blizzard recently released premade characters decked out with T11 (ilvl 359). I *had* to try out Naxxramas alone. I had already soloed a few bosses with green/blue gear when I dinged 85, but really didn't expect to do *nearly* every boss with a simple gear upgrade. I expect LK to be soloable with Deathwing gear or even less :D

Some YouTube links are available for every part of the vid with HD quality.

The hard bosses are Patchwerk (you need 12K+ DPS. ENJOY, FOLKS.), Razuvious (incoming damage is insane with 70k+ unbalancing strikes), and Kel'Thuzad (void zones still insta-kill, and watching them while tanking KT + beating the tight enrage timer + having the 2 super-big scarab lords taking all the screen.... let's say there are easier things in the game). Honorable mention to Noth and Sapphiron, surviving is easy (doable at level 80 even) but I beat the enrage timer by only a *somewhat* small margin. All the other bosses are pretty easy for anyone who understands the new DK mechanics.

Consumables used : Drums of Forgotten Kings, +90 haste +90 stamina food, and +300 stamina or strength flask depending on the encounter. A few Golembood Potions (+1200 strength for 25 seconds) here and there. That's all. Runescroll of Fortitude for Sapphiron and KT, didn't have any spare left for the other bosses.

I sometimes stay in AoE damage or don't interrupt some casts, it's perfectly intentional and helps beating the enrage timers (especially on KT or Sapphiron). Damage remains perfectly healable and taking damage helps building Vengeance or getting Scent of Blood procs, which increases my DPS.


Mione -

PS : You can follow my blog if you can read French @ , or check some PvP Cata beta videos (including 2v2 arenas) in my YouTube channel @

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