Solo new Ony at 85 by Mionelol
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Patience is the key word.

The vid begins at 62%. I'm deeply sorry for this, but I honestly didn't think I'd kill her on that attempt and that's why I didn't bother frapsing the beginning. It's only once I realized I could actually kill her I alt-tabed to launch fraps :P

What's missing is the phase 1 of the encounter, which is pretty much a carbon copy of phase 3 without AoE fears. The big whelp AoE phase at start of p2 is also missing, but it isn't particulary difficult.

The big difference compared to the previous level 60 incarnation of Onyxia is that the new one is completely unhittable in melee range. You need to bring Onyxia down to 40% from 66% using nothing but ranged abilities.. and she has 4,9M HP. As you can imagine, this fight requires patience. lots of patience. You also need to keep up a good pace DPS'ing the adds since they can overwhelm you very quickly.

All in all, the fight took me 44 minutes and 10 seconds.

Music is from Pendulum and Epica (can't go wrong with this). Pendulum music is removed on the YouTube stream due to copyrights.. was honestly bored and put up random ToGC music cause I was pissed off.

Have fun doing it :]

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