Timangi 5 "The Underdog" - lvl 70 vs lvl80 PvP - By: www.cromfel.com by Cromfel
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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Long time no see fellas! It took me while to get my pvp movie released, but here we go. One of the major reasons was that Blizzard was quite trigger happy with nerfbat at the time when this movie was recorded. So I took my time to get some additional clips after the nerfs, and also trying to figure out how to edit the movie to appropriate level (Lets ignore the fact hat I have been very busy at work and simply can not play as much as I wanted).

Movie itself: I really didnt see any eager to level my Paladin for this expansion, as we had quite struggle with the Paladin class back the days at TBC (HAIBLIZ). Now that Paladins were fixed to acceptable level it was time for me to relax a bit and let other people enjoy the class what I have enjoyed since Vanilla. That being, fooling around with my Paladin with its new incarnation. (Frankly speaking, Im just waiting for Cataclysm, wotlk is xxxx as expansion). What comes to music used in this movie, I really just wanted to select it in a way that all songs deliver certain message.

Warning! Be aware that this movie is lvl 70 versus lvl 80 players. So tune your attitude to that setting. I had some horde player I killed who whined at horde general chat how some lvl 70 Paladin is "ganking" them, as if it wasnt humiliating in the first place to get their ass whooped, but then also to proceed whine about it and try to excuse by "gank", what

If you want to know more about the video, like music used etc, feel free to stop by at our Retribution community @ www.cromfel.com

- Cromfel

Edit: Read and understand the intro text, please. For you guys who judge this video as it was lvl 80 vs lvl 80, wake up. Obviously the video is not done versus Maydies or Pats of the WOTLK, as you remember its a freakin lvl 70 vs lvl 80. I knew your kind of people will pop up to comment but if you cant figure it out, too bad for you ;)

But for the others, thanks for the input! For those wondering about the odd UI, its my Fallout PIPBOY tribute, cant help it, Im just such a Fallout fanboi ^^
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