Retribution 2.3 Raiding BT/Hyjal by Cromfel
Class: Paladin | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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This is little clip of first 2.3 retribution tests. There are no chain heroism staging or anything other spooky things in this clip, only what you see is what you get. 2000 dps can be done even with Paladin, but it isnt realistic example of paladin performance. I only have 2 piece of T6 and 2 piece of T5 with random epix from BT/Hyjal/SSC/TK.

I support our raid casters with averaged 125mp5, 3%crit to whole raid and offhealing trough light. I make those additions stable trough Crusader Strike. I am not best DPS, and I dont need to be. I only need to be player like everyone else, thats all. Unfortunately many raidleaders are afraid to let their Paladins try Retribution due retards, they are missing huge part from their raid performance increasing utilitys.

Pre-emptive "Your other DPS sucks!"

If you are childish enough to think that DPS meter position matters, you propably havent even seen Karazhan. Its all about raid performance, not individual players. .
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