The Grace of Eagles by Digital Relapse
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Due to technical issues, what would have taken me a few weeks and give me 6 minutes of video, ended up as 5 months of struggle and 3 minutes of finished film. However, after almost a year since I gave up on the project, I decided to share what was done here, hoping to immortalize my effort by sticking on the internet.

This musical film is about an eagle from the Hinterlands about to embark on its first flight. The three last minutes would show its journey through the Eastern Kingdom before flying off the shore and into the sunset.
Maybe one day I'll have the heart to finish it...

EDIT: Wow, the response during the first day this late in-prod. video was astonishing! I got together with the guys I worked alongside today to discuss this total suprise, and we actually felt that this invigorated us. Yes, you heard me. We are considering starting working with machinima again.

That said, we would love to establish contact with a few voice actors for our potential project. If you are interested do e-mail us at

[email protected]

And thank you, the WM-community. You took me by suprise.
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