[LEGENDARY] - The Trailer by Digital Relapse
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LEGENDARY is an upcoming epic, episodic machinima that takes place in the Warcraft universe created by the three evil masterminds behind Epic Tales Productions.

Kenneth "Avenue" Andersson, scriptwriter:

"I'm a student of History at the University of Stockholm, located in Stockholm, Sweden. I got to know about this project through a Swedish Community created for youths. I'm a part of developing and maintaining the storyline for this specific project and only the future holds what I will be doing alongside Epic Tales Productions in the future."

Andreas "Andrew" Holmgren, scriptwriter:

"I'm a student at some crazy ass school, located in Falun, Sweden. I found out about this project in a swedish forum. I'm working with "Avenue" to create the story and script of this machinima. I have no idea if I will work more with ETP in the future."

Jacob "Jack with the cap" Askenbom, animator:

"One month ago I made a decision. One month ago I got myself Adobe After Effects. One month ago I started my journey through unknown but wonderous lands. I posted on a swedish community site about this, and the very same day these two fellows show up! Two weeks later the foundation was built and an idea for a machinima had taken place. And now, after 2 weeks of keyboard-typing and no sleep I spawned forth this trailer. Enjoy it. Or else."

An additional scriptwriter is requested, as well as voice actors. If you're interested in this project, then feel free to contact us through our animator's e-mail: [email protected]
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